Marine Safety Consultants, Inc., with branch offices in the Northeast, specializes in:
Hull, machinery and cargo surveying
P & I claims management, including personal injury and oil spills
Maritime consulting and training

                                                        PROFESSIONAL SERVICES

Marine Safety Consultants:

Conducts Condition and Valuation surveys of commercial and recreational vessels on behalf of owners, buyers, lending/financial institutions, and insurance underwriters.  Vessel categories include yachts, fishing vessels, freight vessels, passenger vessels, towing vessels, barges and others.  These surveys include evaluations of hull structure, propulsion and auxiliary systems, firefighting and lifesaving systems, and monetary valuations or appraisals.  All findings, together with recommendations designed to enhance maintenance and operation, are presented in clear, concise written reports.

Conducts surveys for trip in tow, on charter/off charter and evaluation of cargo damage.

Conducts in-depth investigations into marine casualties, such as hull or machinery loss or damage, collisions, cargo damage claims, pollution incidents, and facility/pier damage.  Results of these investigations are provided to clients, and include determinations  of cause, assessment of damages, projected repair estimates and/or replacement costs, both present and future, and recommendations  for prevention of similar casualties. 

Provides immediate on-site assessment and analysis of pollution catastrophes and third party claims management and adjustment.

Conducts investigations into personal injury claims, both passenger and crew.  When requested, we can assist in the management of Jones Act and Longshoremen & Harbor Worker's claims from initial statements through Release, including disbursement of Maintenance and Cure.  Our timely reports include site investigations, crew and witness statements, assessment of cause and nature of injury, and recommended actions.

Provides maritime workplace inspections and determination of compliance with recognized safety regulations and/or industry standards.


Marine Safety Consultants is staffed with experienced personnel who are highly qualified in many areas and disciplines relating to the maritime industry.  As a result, we can provide consulting services in such diverse areas as:

Marine Engineering and Naval Architecture  for vessel construction, re-fit, and machinery installations.

Expert Witnesses to provide testimony in matters relating to vessel operation, and accident or casualty evaluations.

Crisis and Emergency Response Management services provided to owners, managers and underwriters throughout the maritime industry from initial response through the recovery phase efforts. 

Training of personnel by recognized experts in matters of navigation, seamanship and workplace safety, so as to enhance safe maritime operations.

Waterfront facilities construction and repair evaluations.

Pollution Protection contingency planning and operations manuals for transfer facilities and product vessels. Facility Response Plans (FRP); Vessel Response Plans; marine transportation related FRP’s.

Safety Management Systems for the maritime workplace, from job-specific evaluations to oversight of practices.  SMS auditing services.

Third Party Claims Management resulting from oil spills and maritime catastrophes.
Security Plans for compliance with the Maritime Transportation Security Act of 2002.
Fishing Vessel drill conductor and safety training for compliance with the Commercial Fishing Vessel Safety Act and Coast Guard regulations.

David C. Dubois, NAMS-CMS, Principal Surveyor, Company President
Michael L. Collyer, General Manager, Senior Surveyor
Mark A. Bisnette, Surveyor
Dana P. Collyer, Surveyor
Dean B. Hostetler, Surveyor
Dennis J. Layfield, NAMS-CMS
Dan J. O’Connor, Surveyor
Matthew S. Pawlishen, Surveyor
Neil C. Rosen, NAMS-CMS, Hull and P&I Specialist (Portland, ME)
Neil G. Stoddard, SAMS-AMS, Senior Marine Surveyor, Marine Claims Investigator

Michael W. Dudley, Marine Claims Investigator
Jeff D. Dubois, Marine Claims Investigator

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